The company has more than 40 technicians engaged in professional design and development for many years and has chemical and physical laboratories, which can provide you with the following technical services:
◆ Development of new thermal insulation system
◆ U value computer test and heat transfer analysis of thermal insulation profile
◆ Actual measurement of U-value of sample window in heat box
◆ Mechanical property and aging test of thermal insulation profile
◆ Development of new thermal insulation technology
The company has set up chemical and physical laboratories to strictly test and inspect each batch of heat insulation strips produced, and hand over the inspection report to customers together with the products, so that customers can rest assured.


Tensile property test of heat insulation strip


Shear resistance test of thermal insulation profile


Tensile property test of thermal insulation profile



Product importance
Selection of insulating strip substrate, polyamide (PA66)
Because of its high mechanical strength; It has high temperature resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, and can ensure the stability of product size accuracy.
Selection of heat insulation strip reinforcement: glass fiber (GF)
Because it can improve the strength of the heat insulation strip to meet the use requirements, and at the same time, it can make the linear expansion coefficient of the heat insulation strip close to that of aluminum alloy.
Production and processing technology of heat insulation strip: glass fiber arrangement
Core technology in the production process of heat insulation strip: correct the layout direction of some glass fibers (change from vertical to horizontal)


Qualified glass fiber


Unqualified glass fiber


Qualified internal structure


Unqualified internal structure