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Storage conditions: It is recommended to store it in a ventilated and dry environment, place it horizontally, pay attention to waterproof and rainproof, keep away from heat sources, avoid heavy pressure, minimize bending, and avoid contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents. As PA66 is a hydrophilic material, it will gradually absorb water from the surrounding environment. The speed and amount of water absorption depend on the following factors:
--Ambient humidity - ambient temperature - storage time
In summer, the weather temperature and relative humidity are relatively high. Even if it is stored for a short time, the heat insulation strip will absorb more water than other seasons. Too high water content (more than 2%) will affect the quality of threading.
When a single bundle of heat insulation strips is removed from the shelf, they may be distorted. If they are not straightened in time, they will be distorted.
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