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The company has more than 40 technical personnel engaged in professional design and development for many years and has a chemical and physical laboratory, which can provide the following technical services for you:
◆ The development of the new heat insulation system
◆ Test and analysis of heat insulation material U value - Computer
◆ I like the window u hot box test
◆ The mechanical properties of the insulation material and aging test
◆ The insulation of new technology development
Inspection and inspection
The company has a chemical and physical laboratory, which is strictly tested and tested for each batch of heat insulation strips, and the inspection report is delivered to customers with products, so that customers can feel relieved.


Tensile test of heat insulation strip


Testing of anti shear properties of insulated sections


Testing of tensile properties of insulated sections




Product importance
Selection of base material for heat insulation strip, polyamide (PA66)
Because of its high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, UV radiation and chemical corrosion resistance, it ensures the stability of product size and accuracy.
Selection of heat insulation stripe reinforcements: glass fiber (GF)
Because it can improve the strength of the heat insulation bar to meet the requirements, the linear expansion coefficient of the heat insulation strip can be similar to that of the aluminum alloy.
Production process of heat insulation strip: arrangement of glass fiber
Core technology in the production process of heat insulation strip: correcting the arrangement of part of glass fiber (from vertical to lateral)


Qualified glass fiber


Unqualified glass fiber


Qualified internal structure


Unqualified internal structure