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Youtai heat insulation strip is composed of 65% nylon (PA66) and 25% glass fiber (GF), which are the best raw materials for heat insulation strip. The color is black. As the main thermal insulation component, it is suitable for aluminum alloy doors and windows, framed curtain walls, especially for the three main performances of doors and windows, namely wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness. The advantages of the product are as follows:
1、 The glass fiber with professional cold extrusion technology is uniformly distributed in many ways, with high strength, which can meet the design requirements and ensure the long-term stability of thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows and framed curtain walls.
2、 The linear expansion coefficient is close to that of the aluminum profile, ensuring a lasting and close combination between the heat insulation strip and the aluminum under the sun exposure and freezing conditions.
3、 The processing temperature is up to 235 degrees, fully meeting the process operation of threading before spraying.
4、 The dimension accuracy is less than 0.05mm to ensure the air and water tightness of the window.
5、 Excellent machining performance, can fasten hardware.
6、 Strong aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and UV resistance
268、 The unique formula and special heat stabilizer ensure the excellent quality of Youtai heat insulation strip.



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